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Indigenous History, Indigenous Voices: Books on the Native American, First Nations, and North American Experience

Indigenous cultures, indigenous voices. Hear their stories and uncover the truths of their communities and cultures. To see what tribal territories once existed where we live now, visit

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American Indian stories

Zitkala-S̈a, 1876-1938, author. |

Living on the borderlines

Michal, Melissa, author. |

Split tooth

Tagaq, 1975- author. |

Disintegrate/dissociate : poems

Twist, Arielle, 1994- author. |

The beadworkers : stories

Piatote, Beth H., 1966- author. |

There there : a novel

Orange, Tommy, 1982- author. |

Jonny Appleseed : a novel

Whitehead, Joshua (Writer), author. |

Braiding sweetgrass

Kimmerer, Robin Wall, author. |