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Writing spirit

Lynn Andrews. |

Medicine woman

Lynn V. Andrews ; illustrations by Daniel Reeves. |

Spirit woman

Lynn Andrews ; illustrations by N. Scott Momaday. |

Jaguar woman

Lynn V. Andrews. |

Black Elk

Wallace H. Black Elk and William S. Lyon. |

The Invisible landscape

Terence McKenna and Dennis McKenna. |

The encyclopaedia of Celtic wisdom

Caitlin and John Matthews. |


Hank Wesselman. |

The spirit of place

Loren Cruden. |

Dance of the four winds

Alberto Villoldo and Erik Jendresen. |

Island of the sun

Alberto Villoldo and Erik Jendresen. |

Creation's heartbeat

Linda Schierse Leonard. |

A war of witches

Timothy J. Knab. |

Manual for the peacemaker

by Jean Houston with Margaret Rubin. |

Toltecs of the new millennium

Victor Sanchez ; translated from Spanish by Robert Nelson. |

Magical passes

Carlos Castaneda. |

The Wheel of time

Carlos Castaneda. |

Magic of the ordinary

Gershon Winkler ; forewords by David Carson and Gabriel Cousens. |

Twilight language of the Nagual

Merilyn Tunneshende. |

Masters of the living energy

Joan Parisi Wilcox. |

The fruitful darkness

Joan Halifax. |

Lynn Andrews in conversation with Michael Toms

series editor Hal Zena Bennet. |

Tree of dreams

Lynn Andrews. |

The quest for the shaman

Miranda & Stephen Aldhouse-Green. |

Bushman shaman

Bradford Keeney. |

Toward 2012

edited by Daniel Pinchbeck & Ken Jordan. |

Fishers of men

Adam Elenbaas. |


Robert Moss. |

Breaking open the head

Daniel Pinchbeck. |

Shamanism and witchcraft

edited by Chas S. Clifton. |


Robert M. Place ; consulting editor, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. |

Of water and the spirit

Malidoma Patrice Somâe. |

Warrior woman

Peter Aleshire. |

Câorka s±oânca

Barbara Wood ; prze±oçzy±a z angielskiego Anna Maria Nowak. |

The raven's gift

Jon Turk. |

The writer and the shaman;

Translated by Raymond Rosenthal. |


Sandra Miesel. |

The shaman tree

Richard Abshire and William Clair. |

Shaman winter

Rudolfo Anaya. |

Medicine trail

Melissa Jayne Fawcett. |

Welcome home

Sandra Ingerman. |

The way of the shaman

Michael Harner. |