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The smartest guys in the room

Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind. |

Dear Mr. Buffett

Janet M. Tavakoli. |

Chain of blame

Paul Muolo, Mathew Padilla. |

The greatest trade ever

Gregory Zuckerman. |

The partnership

Charles D. Ellis. |

The elements of investing

Burton G. Malkiel, Charles D. Ellis. |

Saving the sun

Gillian Tett. |

Too big to fail

Andrew Ross Sorkin. |

Solon the liberator

by W. J. Woodhouse. |

Stoic warriors

Nancy Sherman. |

The stoic philosophy of Seneca;

Translated and with and introd. by Moses Hadas. |

Oedipus; Agamemnon; Thyestes; Hercules on Oeta; Octavia

Senaca ; edited and translated by John G. Fitch. |

Extreme money

Satyajit Das. |


Bob Woodward. |


Bob Woodward. |

The secret man

Bob Woodward. |

Plan of attack

Bob Woodward. |

Obama's wars

Bob Woodward. |


Bob Woodward. |

The commanders

Bob Woodward. |

The choice

Bob Woodward. |

Bush at war

Bob Woodward. |

The brethren;

Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong. |

Den of thieves

James B. Stewart. |

Ben Bernanke's Fed

Ethan S. Harris. |

Secrets of the temple

William Greider. |

The seven fat years

Robert L. Bartley. |

The tycoons

Charles R. Morris. |

The sages

Charles R. Morris. |

The stock market

by Sean Connolly. |

Money and credit

Sean Connolly. |

How stimulus plans work

Corona Brezina. |

How deflation works

Corona Brezina. |


John Perkins. |

Fooled by randomness

Nassim Nicholas Taleb. |

The black swan

Nassim Nicholas Taleb. |

The decline and fall of the Roman empire

Edward Gibbon ; edited, abridged, and with a critical introduction by Hans-Friedrich Mueller ; introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin ; illustrations by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. |

The makers of Venice;

With illus. by R. R. Holmes. London, New York, Macmillan. |

The makers of Florence

By Mrs. Oliphant. With portrait of Savonarola engraved by C. H. Jeens and illustrations from drawings by Professor Delamotte. |

Jerusalem, the holy city;

by Mrs. Oliphant. With wood engravings from drawings by Hamilton Aidèe and photographs by F. M. Good. |

A beleaguered city and other stories

Margaret Oliphant ; edited with an introduction by Merryn Williams. |

Paganism in the Roman Empire

Ramsay MacMullen. |