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The universe.

produced by Flight 33 Productions for History ; producer, Samuel K. Dolan ; director, Douglas J. Cohen. |


produced by Studio Master Video ; director, Vladimir Ptashchenko ; text: Nina Vernova, Natalia Plashchenko. |

The mafia.

History Channel. |


Pontecorvo Productions and Thirteen in association with Wildlife Media, National Geographic Channel and WNET New York Public Media ; writer, producer, Joseph Pontecorvo. |

The mafia.

History Channel. |

When Rome ruled.

produced by Atlantic Productions for National Geographic Channels in association with FremantleMedia Enterprises. |

The Pluto files

a Nova production by Terri Randall Productions, Inc. for WGBH Boston ; produced and directed by Terri Randall. |


produced and directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter ; Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion. |

The madness of Henry VIII

produced by Paritsan Pictures ; director, Doug Shultz. |

Prehistoric predators

National Geographic. |

The wall

produced by Houston PBS ; KUHT-TV ; Spy Pond Productions ; written and directed by Eric Stange ; producer, Eric Stange. |

The fabric of the cosmos

A NOVA Production ; 32-12 Media (program 1) ; Film Posse (program 2) Spine Films (program 3) ; Lone Wolf Documentary Group (program 4) ; and in association with ARTE France and National Geographic Channel ; WGBH Educational Foundation ; Senior producer an |

In the womb

produced by Pioneer Film and TV Productions Limited for National Geographic Channel ; written, produced & directed by Toby Macdonald ; editor, Andy Greening. |


Tigress Productions and Thirteen in association with British Broadcasting Corporation and ; produced and directed by Harvey Jones. |


Ethan Productions ; La Realidad ; ARTE France ; the ITVS-International Media Development Fund (IMDF) ... [et al.] ; produced by Marc Silvera ; directed by Gonzalo Arijâon. |

Last extinction

a Nova production by Hamilton Land & Cattle, Inc. for WGBH-Boston ; WGBH Educational Foundation ; Written and produced by Doug Hamilton ; associate producer: Solana Pyne. |

Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin.

produced by Pioneer Productions for Travel Channel ; series producer, Bob Strange. |

American experience.

an Ark Media production ; WGBH Boston ; written, produced and directed by Barak Goodman. |

Is there life on Mars?

a Nova production for WGBH/Boston ; written and produced by Jonathan Grupper ; managing director, Alan Ritsko. |

The Civil War.

a production of Florentine Films and WETA-TV ; producers, Ken Burns and Ric Burns ; writers, Geoffrey C. Ward, Ric Burns and Ken Burns ; director, Ken Burns. |

The true story of Charlie Wilson

produced by Wild Eyes Productions for The History Channel ; producers, Ryan Spyker, Aaron Bowdem ; director, David Keane. |

Rainforest (Jungle)

a co-production of BBC Wildvision, BBC Lionheart Television, Dorling Kindersley Vision in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting. |

Bizarre dinosaurs

National Geographic ; NGHT, Inc. |


a production of Storyville Films and The Documentary Group ; director / writer, Oren Jacoby ; producer, Elgin Smith. |


written, produced and directed by John Rubin ; a production of NOVA and National Geographic Television in association with John Rubin Productions, Inc. ; WGBH Boston. |

As seen through these eyes

Parkchester Pictures presents in association with Sundance Channel ; a Hilary Helstein film ; written, directed and produced by Hilary Helstein ; producer, Michael Rosendale. |

William Shakespeare

Satel Documentary production for A & E Network ; produced and directed by Rebecca Jones. |

The Civil War.

a production of Florentine Films and WETA-TV ; American Documentary ; Time-Life Video ; producers, Ken Burns and Ric Burns ; writers, Geoffrey C. Ward, Ric Burns and Ken Burns. |

The hunt for John Wilkes Booth

Tom Jennings Productions for The History Channel ; directed by Tom Jennings. |

Triangle fire

an Apograph Productions Inc. film for American experience ; presented by American Experience Films ; written by Mark Zwonitzer ; produced and directed by Jamila Wignot. |

I am alive

produced by AMS Pictures for History ; written, directed & edited by Brad Osborne. |

Looking for Lincoln

[presented by] WNET ; a film by Kunhardt McGee Productions and Inkwell Films in association with Ark Media ; producer/ directors, John Maggio, Muriel Soenens ; presented and written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. |

Nancy Reagan

a production of MacNeil/lLehrer Productions ; executive producer Susan L. Mills with senior PBS Newshour correspondent Judy Woodruff ; written, produced and directed by Mary Beth Durkin. |

The duel

produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and Red Hill Productions for the American Experience ; directed by Carl Byker and Mitch Wilson ; written by Carl Byker and David Mrazek ; producer, Carl Byker. |


VLR Productions ; a film by Guillaume Moscovitz ; produced by Jean Bigot, VLR Productions. |

American experience.

written and produced by Tom Weidlinger ; a Moira Productions film for American Experience. |

American experience.

American Experience presents ; a WGBH production in association with Spiegel TV for American Experience ; written, produced & directed by Zvi Dor-Ner ; co-produced by Melissa S. Martin |

The Adirondacks

a production of WNED-TV Buffalo/Toronto and Working Dog Productions, Inc. |

Stonehenge decoded

National Geographic ; produced by Change Productions Ltd. ; produced & directed by Christopher Spencer ; written by Colin Swash, Christopher Spencer. |