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Tom Holland. |

Double cross

Ben Macintyre. |

Rome's last citizen

Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni. |


Anne Applebaum. |

One last strike

Tony La Russa with Rick Hummel ; [foreword by John Grisham]. |

The abacus and the cross

Nancy Marie Brown. |

The divorce of Henry VIII

Catherine Fletcher. |

The First Crusade

Peter Frankopan. |

What if? 2

by James Bradley ... [et al.] ; edited by Robert Cowley. |

The untold history of the United States

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. |

More baths, less talking

by Nick Hornby. |


Mark Kurlansky. |

Reading the past;

[by] Leonard Cottrell. |

The Aleppo Codex

by Matti Friedman. |


Joe Posnanski. |

Prime obsession

John Derbyshire. |

Black Athena

Martin Bernal. |


Jonah Lehrer. |

The man who loved books too much

Allison Hoover Bartlett. |

Cheese and culture

Paul S. Kindstedt. |

Fooling Houdini

Alex Stone. |

Facing the ocean

Barry Cunliffe. |

How to cut a cake

Ian Stewart. |

In defense of history

Richard J. Evans. |

The enemy at the gate

Andrew Wheatcroft. |

The First Crusade and the idea of crusading

Jonathan Riley-Smith ; with a new introduction. |

Fighting for the cross

Norman Housley. |

Persian fire

Tom Holland. |

Glory in the fall

edited by Peter Golenbock. |

The age of insight

Eric R. Kandel. |

Lords of the sea

by John R. Hale. |

A higher contemplation

Stephen N. Fliegel. |

The winter war

Robert Edwards. |


Elaine Pagels. |

City of fortune

by Roger Crowley. |

The detonators

Chad Millman. |


Jon Ronson. |

Ad Infinitum

Nicholas Ostler.. |

God's jury

Cullen Murphy. |

Mediterranean winter

Robert D. Kaplan. |

The revenge of geography

Robert D. Kaplan. |

The book of Genesis

Ronald Hendel. |

Goat song

Brad Kessler. |