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MPL: Celtic Celebration

The Celts were the ancient inhabitants of Europe who were made up of a diverse group of peoples connected by a shared language, religion and culture. They are known for their arts and crafts, including beautiful metalwork, sculpture and pottery. Additionally, modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages have roots in the Celtics ancient tongue. Celtic peoples included farmers, fierce warriors and Druids. The most famous Celt is the warrior Queen Boadicea. Today many people with European heritage celebrate their Celtic roots with Celtic music, dancing and art. The Unionville Celtic Festival is July 8-10th, 2011.

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Dreaming the bull

Manda Scott. |


Joseph Coohill. |

Mysterious Britain

Cromwell Productions ; produced and directed by Jeremy Freeston ; written by Simon Freeston. |

Boudicca of the Iceni

Cromwell Productions ; produced and written by Ruth Wood ; directed by Graham Holloway. |

Jean Butler's Irish dance masterclass

Tyrone Productions ; directed by Maurice Linnane ; created, conceived and choreographed by Jean Butler. |


M.J. Trow and Taliesin Trow. |

Warrior queen

Alan Gold. |

Everything Irish

edited by Lelia Ruckenstein and James A. O'Malley. |


[text, John Sykes ; translation, Joan Lawton Clough-Laub]. |