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The eternal smile

Derek Kirk Kim and Gene Luen Yang. |

The ascent of money

Niall Ferguson. |

The book of five rings

Miyamoto Musashi ; translated from the Japanese by Thomas Cleary. |

The family Fang

Kevin Wilson. |

The Oxford book of Jewish stories

edited by Ilan Stavans. |

Good as Lily

written by Derek Kirk Kim ; illustrated by Jesse Hamm ; lettering by Jared K. Fletcher. |

Wicked plants

Amy Stewart ; etchings by Briony Morrow-Cribbs ; illustrations by Jonathon Rosen. |

Toddler-hunting & other stories

Kåono Taeko ; translated by Lucy North, with an additional translation by Lucy Lower. |

Brooklyn noir

edited by Tim McLoughlin. |

Liar's poker

Michael Lewis. |


Adrian Tomine. |

Careful, he might hear you

[by] Sumner Locke Elliott. |


Eiji Yoshikawa ; translated by William Scott Wilson. |

A dream of red mansions

Tsao Hsueh-chin [i.e. C. Ts°ao] and Kao Ngo ; [translated by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang ; illustrated by Tai Tun-pang]. |

The sun king

Nancy Mitford. |

Twilight sleep

Edith Wharton. |

Royal Babylon

Karl Shaw. |


Philip A. Kuhn. |

Sunny side down

Levni Yilmaz. |

The man who made Vermeers

Jonathan Lopez. |

Scandalous women

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon. |