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Dark money

Jane Mayer. |

Between the world and me

Ta-Nehisi Coates. |

Censored 2013

[edited by] Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth with Project Censored ; foreword by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed ; cartoons by Khalil Bendib. |

Dark alliance

Gary Webb. |

Chasing the scream

Johann Hari. |

Killing history

Robert M. Price. |


Arundhati Roy. |

Silver screen fiend

Patton Oswalt. |

Misquoting Jesus

Bart D. Ehrman. |

1001 albums you must hear before you die

general editor.: Robert Dimery ; preface by Michael Lydon. |

The Good News Club

Katherine Stewart. |


Reza Aslan. |

One nation under God

Kevin M. Kruse. |

Detroit rock city

Steve Miller. |

New religions

Carol S. Matthews ; foreword by Martin E. Marty. |

The new believers

David V. Barrett. |

The invisible war

Chip Ingram. |

God, no!

Penn Jilette. |

Me of little faith

Lewis Black ; edited by Hank Gallo. |


by John Waters and Bruce Hainley. |

50 contemporary artists you should know

Brad Finger, Christiane Weidemann. |

God wants you to roll

John Phillips III. |

Vlad the impaler

Enid A. Goldberg & Norman Itzkowitz. |

Tomâas de Torquemada

Enid A. Goldberg & Norman Itzkowitz. |

Sir Francis Drake

Charles Nick. |


John DiConsiglio. |

Otto von Bismarck

Kimberley Heuston. |


Kimberley Heuston. |

Mary Tudor

Jane Buchanan. |

Mao Zedong

Kimberley Heuston. |

We're with nobody

Alan Huffman, Michael Rejebian. |

Believing bullshit

by Stephen Law. |

Zombie spaceship wasteland

by Patton Oswalt. |

A confederacy of dunces

John Kennedy Toole ; foreword by Walker Percy. |

Playing right field

by George Tabb. |


introduction by Richard Hell ; words by Christopher D. Salyers ; photographs by John Putnam. |

Choosing death

by Albert Mudrian. |

Punk diary, 1970-1979

by George Gimarc. |

The downtown book

edited by Marvin J. Taylor ; foreword by Lynn Gumpert. |

The taqwacores

Michael Muhammad Knight. |

Destroy all movies!!!

edited by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. |

Pretty vacant

Phil Strongman. |

Penny century

Jaime Hernandez. |


Robert Matheu and Brian J. Bowe. |