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How to do (just about) anything on the Internet

writers, Zoèe Wildsmith, Kim Davies, Charlotte Raveney, Jonathan Bastable. |

How to get dressed

by Alison Freer ; illustrations by Julia Kuo. |

How to read water

Tristan Gooley ; illustrations by Neil Gower. |

How to pack

Hitha Palepu ; illustrated by Kelly Lasserre. |

How to sew a button

Erin Bried. |

How to make it

Erin Austen Abbott. |

How to Draw People

Hodge, Susie |

How to negotiate everything

David Spellman with Lisa Lutz ; illustrated by Jaime Temairik. |

How to cook in 10 easy lessons

Wendy Sweetser ; original illustrations, Joanna Kerr. |

How to change a life

Ballis, Stacey, author. |

How to Make Disease Disappear

Chatterjee, Rangan |

How to make stuff with duct tape

by Samantha Bell ; illustrated by Kelsey Oseid. |

How to choose a partner

Susan Quilliam. |

The self-sufficient life and how to live it

Seymour, John, 1914-2004, author. |

How to start a business in New York

Paul W. Bernard, Mark Warda. |

How to live

Henry Alford. |

How to write a winning scholarship essay

Gen and Kelly Tanabe ; special contributions by Gregory James Yee. |

The how-to handbook

Martin Oliver and Alexandra Johnson. |

How to bake everything

Mark Bittman ; illustrations by Alan Witschonke. |

How to Do Things : A Timeless Guide to a Simpler Life

Campbell, William (EDT)/ Barth, Brian (FRW) |

How to find a friend

Maria S. Costa. |