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Ella, the elegant elephant

by Carmela & Steven D'Amico. |

The mystery in Venice

Geronimo Stilton ; [illustrations by Lorenzo De Pretto and Davide Corsi ; translated by Julia Heim]. |

The jazz fly

written and performed by Matthew Gollub ; illustrated by Karen Henke. |

It's a little book

Lane Smith. |

Hans my hedgehog

retold by Kate Coombs ; illustrated by John Nickle. |

Sheep blast off!

written by Nancy Shaw ; illustrated by Margot Apple. |

Little Goose

by David Mraz ; illustrations by Margot Apple. |

What a team!

Brigitte Luciani & [art by] Eve Tharlet ; [translation by Edward Gauvin]. |

Little Bear's little boat

Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Nancy Carpenter. |

Zero kisses for me!

Manuela Monari ; illustrated by Virginie Soumagnac. |

The biggest kiss

Joanna Walsh ; illustrated by Judi Abbot. |

Kiss kiss

Margaret Wild & [illustrated by] Bridget Strevens-Marzo. |

Hocus-Pocus Hound

Samantha Hay ; illustrated by Nathan Reed. |

The best pet ever

by Victoria Roberts ; illustrated by Deborah Allwright. |

Zoom Broom

Margie Palatini ; illustrated by Howard Fine. |

I love my new toy!

by Mo Willems. |

Love waves

Rosemary Wells. |

A little bit of love

by Cynthia Platt ; illustrated by Hannah Whitty. |

See Pip point

story and pictures by David Milgrim. |

Poodle and Hound

Kathryn Lasky ; illustrated by Mitch Vane. |

Warthogs paint

by Pamela Duncan Edwards ; illustrated by Henry Cole. |


Charlee Ganny ; illustrated by Nicola Slater. |

Disney's Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

[Ian Brill, writer ; Leonel Castellani, Ricardo Garcia & Morgan Luthi, artists ; Jake Myler & Lisa Moore , colorists ; Jason Arthur, letterer]. |

Classic cartoon favorites.

Disney DVD ; Disney FastPlay ; produced by Walt Disney. |

Rosa and the water pony

written by Katy Kit ; illustrated by Tom Knight. |

Shh! (Don't tell Mr. Wolf!)

Colin McNaughton. |

Big Wolf and Little Wolf

by Sharon Phillips Denslow ; illustrated by Cathie Felstead. |

Tell the truth, B.B. Wolf

written by Judy Sierra ; illustrated by J.otto Seibold. |

Here comes the night

by Anne Rockwell. |

Bubba and Beau go night-night

Kathi Appelt ; [illustrated by] Arthur Howard. |

How do you say good night?

by Raina Moore ; illustrated by Robin Luebs. |

Dark night

by Dorothâee de Monfreid. |

Baby Badger's wonderful night

Karen Saunders ; [illustrated by] Dubravka Kolanovic. |

Frog and friends

written by Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Josâee Masse. |

Hello, Tilly

Polly Dunbar. |

Bubble trouble

by Margaret Mahy ; illustrated by Polly Dunbar. |

Light up the night

by Jean Reidy ; pictures by Margaret Chodos-Irvine. |

Emily's house

Niko Scharer ; pictures by Joanne Fitzgerald. |

Six sheep sip thick shakes

Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Steve Mack. |

The kissing hand

Audrey Penn ; illustrations by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak. |

Ready for anything

Keiko Kasza. |


David McPhail. |