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South America

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Arts & crafts of South America

Lucy Davis, Mo Fini. |


retold by Nancy Van Laan ; woodcuts by Betsy Bowen. |

The magic bean tree

retold by Nancy Van Laan ; paintings by Beatriz Vidal. |

Machu Picchu

by Elizabeth Mann ; with illustrations by Amy Crehore. |

Poison dart frogs

Jennifer Owings Dewey. |

So say the little monkeys

by Nancy Van Laan ; pictures by Yumi Heo. |

Life in the Amazon rain forest

by Stuart A. Kallen. |

South American animals

Caroline Arnold. |

Myths, legends & traditional holidays from Latin America

[created by Pedro Ros and Claudia Cazorla]. |

The Frog with the Big Mouth

retold by Teresa Bateman ; illustrated by Will Terry. |


Colleen Madonna Flood Williams. |


Charles J. Shields. |


Charles J. Shields. |


Charles J. Shields. |


LeeAnne Gelletly. |


LeeAnne Gelletly. |


Charles J. Shields. |

Grandmother's nursery rhymes

compiled by Nelly Palacio Jaramillo ; illustrated by Eliviar Savadier. |

South America

by David Petersen. |

South America

April Pulley Sayre. |

Monkeys of Central and South America

by Patricia A. Fink Martin. |

Central and South America

Martyn Bramwell. |

South America

by Allan Fowler. |

South America and Antarctica

Malcolm Porter and Keith Lye. |

South America

Simon Scoones. |

Seven wonders of ancient Central and South America

by Michael Woods and Mary B. Woods. |

South America

Libby Koponen. |

South America

Roger E. Hernâandez. |

Afternoon on the Amazon

by Mary Pope Osborne ; illustrated by Sal Murdocca. |

Jabuti, the tortoise

told and illustrated by Gerald McDermott. |

Gods, goddesses, and monsters

Sheila Keenan ; [map, borders, and illustratrations by Belgin Wedman]. |

Machu Picchu

by Elizabeth Mann ; with illustrations by Amy Crehore. |